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We provide comprehensive interior design and contractors, as well as a variety of work services for all sorts of residences, housings, condos, brands' counters, restaurants, offices, clinics, hospitals, and exhibition booths, and are willing to provide creative ideas for specific customers. We adhere to strict architectural and engineering design standards and emphasize creating valuable works with care in every detail.


our services — Our Services —

- Our Service

Comprehensive interior design and construction contract.

We are an Interior design service provider and interior decoration contractor (TURNKEY), whether it is a house, condo, office building, commercial building Store decoration, office decoration, brand's counter,

- Our Service

Contract for housing extension and renovation.

Design and renovation services for all types of residential or office, including all types of commercial buildings.

We provide additional options for customers of using our services until the completion of the project or just design work.

- Our Service

Services on landscape architecture and design.

We offer design services for the buildings and landscaping, designing gardens around the area, whether it is a residence, office or site by professional and experienced architects to create charming values that reflect your taste and enhance your lifestyle to the next level. We place an emphasis on a particularly beautiful design and definitely pay attention to every detail throughout the process.


Interior Design

House, Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom
Condominium, Retail and office decoration, brand's counter


Residential renovation

We provide a wide variety of residential renovation and extension services.

168 to be design

Luxury & Unique

— Inspiration of interior & decor —

Landscape Design

We offer buildings and landscaping design services including the gardens areas, within residences, offices or buildings.


Designer or Interior Decorator Designer or decorator team of the 168 To Be Design.

As part of our exclusive services, we offered customers a team of personal designers to look after them. For the customers, the team will design and plan conceptual decorations. The decorator will work alongside customers in the following steps:

1. Documenting the details.

Documenting the details for designing and developing a process that meets the customers' requirements. In order to create a remarkable, eye-catching, and unique design.

2. Structural analysis and Cost estimation.

We're working towards Structural analysis to make a cost estimation for the entire decorating procedure. It is vital to think about the materials' quality. In order to make it cost-effective and fulfill the functional needs of the customer.

3. Present the budget and design plans.

Presenting the budget and design plans to the customer for approval and any amendments, followed by calculating the final budget.

4. Deliver technicians the final drawing.

The technicians will obtain the final design. Then they'll carry out the process, which contains woodwork, furniture work, metalwork, flooring, and a walling system, according to the construction plans.

5. Coordinate with third parties.

Coordinating with other parties in charge of interior construction in a different system.

6. Follow up and consult the technicians according to the plan.

Follow up with the technicians and counsel them on the details of the design. In order to maintain the quality, charm, and satisfaction, as well as to meet the contract's specific requirements.

First and foremost, the design must take into account the user's basic requirements. To ensure that the interior design benefits the owner the most. Starting with style selection based on personal preference, taste, and lifestyle usage of each area.

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