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168 To Be Design Company Limited

168 To Be Design Company Limited has been a contractor and provider of interior design services for over 15 years. We specialize in interior design and art for particular clients. We have extensive experience in a variety of design and construction projects. We also offer a comprehensive range of services for housing, condominiums, brand counters, restaurants, offices, clinics, hospitals, exhibition booths, and showrooms. We are firm in our adherence to architectural and engineering design principles. The team is ready to work on valuable projects and pay attention to the smallest details. Deliver the project in great condition to the customer's hand.

The company is committed to creating high-quality work and delivering it on time to gain customers' trust. Our design principle emphasizes durability, beauty, timeless work and adherence to the functional design that will most satisfy the needs of customers. Furthermore, we value each client's different personality in order to build a stylish identity and function that meets their needs. We offer a service that is comprehensive, convenient, and timely. To provide you peace of mind that no issues will develop during the process, and that the project will be ready to be delivered to your hands with joy and smiles.

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The uniqueness of innovation and design is ideal for each and every room in the house. Every element of our built-in furniture is of the highest quality and features unique designs that present your identity.

The main procedure of 168 To Be Design 168 to be design

  • 1. Gather information more about customers' requirements, such as the size of the space, the concept, the style, and the budget.

    What is the style or concept design preference of the clients or do we need to present the idea as their options?

  • 2. Quotation for a preliminary appraisal

    Customers will receive an estimated preliminary quotation without details based on the schematic they have selected. This will assist them to become aware of and consider the charges before deciding to sign the contract.

  • 3. Contract and deposit

    After discussion of basic information, whether it is the concept design, materials or other specifications such as ceiling, tiling, construction or demolition of specific areas, wiring, and the installation of various equipment. The following stage is for the customers to make a deposit with us.

  • 4. Proceed to the design process.

    Interior design is a particularly complex profession to master. It is vital to go over the basic information and requirements.
    We'll need some time to talk about and fully understand our customers' requirements, as well as to define the concept. Then after, we will be visiting the site and measuring the area. Along with exploring deeper into the details of customers' needs to follow those needs as much as possible. We provide them with a personal designer who is accessible to them at all times. Typically, the first phase of a project takes 2-4 weeks.

  • 5. Submit a 3D model.

    Customers will get to see the design from professional designers. As a professional interior design company, we present our work as a professional interior design company using realistic 3d modeling. This will assist our customers in comprehending the design as we present it from different perspectives and dimensions.

  • 6. Revision and amendment of the design, adding the details

    ollowing the final revision with the design that the consumers prefer. Drawing and detailing all specifications for the customers, including decorating components, colors, and materials will be the next stage.

  • 7. Bill of Quantity

    When the customer has thoroughly reviewed and understands all of the details. We'll offer a detailed quotation or BOQ in the next step (Bill of Quantity). The design service will not be charged to customers that choose our Turnkey service. Within 10 days, the customer will receive a quotation. The BOQ will include all costs, including labor, demolition, and material costs of ceilings, walls, curtains, ceilings, cabinets, doors, wires, lamps, and tiles. In order to provide a just and cost-effective transparent specification and clarification.

  • 8. Contract and deposit

    The contract's primary objective is to outline the agreements and scope of work. The handover procedures and periodic payment will be explicitly specified in the contract. To develop customers ’ confidence and ensure that each step is completed in accordance with the contract.

  • 9. Material board preparation for approval

    Before we begin the actual construction, we will present examples of materials that will be installed in accordance with the design, such as marbles, tiles, curtains, finishing, and decorative glasses, so that the customers may feel its texture. Customers may be assured that we will utilize the same high-quality materials as you approved.

  • 10. Handoff

    We will begin the construction procedure on-site. We will plan ahead of time with a team of designers, engineers, and foremen who will keep customers reported on the progress. There will be a foreman to keep supervising on-site so that the customers can be assured.

  • 11. Architectural and decoration detailing and quality control.

    The customer will be handed over the site according to the drawings satisfactorily in accordance with the drawings due to the schedule and will be able to complete the payment purchasing process according to the contract.

With 15 years of construction and interior decoration experience, we can guarantee the quality of our work. In addition, we have a fully qualified team of architects, designers, and foremen who will check up on the project's progress. As a result, customers can expect an astonishing decoration experience with an attractive, unique design that accurately expresses the owners' identities.

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