How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost to Hire?

In the past, we've discovered that many customers have issues and concerns about hiring a built-in interior contractor. Especially when it comes to the budget, whether it is reasonable or not.


this article would like to share the main ideas of interior design procedures. As a result, the key principles of interior design methods will be discussed in this article. What is the benefit of massages between the owner and the interior designer, and what are the complications and time constraints during the process? Also included are the bidding and payment methods to provide clear images and peace of mind when selecting a built-in contractor to perform the task. If you're looking for an interior designer, keep the following in mind:


Service fees and the cost of hiring the interior

First and foremost, it is vital to acknowledge that interior design is an art form on its own. Unlike other consumer products, there is no set standard. It's hard to compare prices because they vary depending on a variety of aspects such as skill and talent, reputation, design style, decorative materials, amount of decoration work, project size, travel distance, and so on.

Therefore, the design cost estimation along with other related expenses can be divided according to the structure of service and production can be divided into 5 main parts as follows: Read More about 5 main parts of services and production's structures

When should the payment be made, and how should it be divided?

If the owner has decided on a contractor, the following step is to have the contract signed in writing. The title of this document would be "Construction Contract." The installment payments are divided into five sections as in the construction contract for 168 2Be Design's construction kickoff:

○1st installment payment: 40%
The contract will be deemed as an employment agreement on the day of signing, and construction will begin on the contract date according to the content in the contract.

○ 2nd installment payment: 30 %
When the amount of work has progressed up to 50%-60%, This stage will be able to see the work in its form or even begin to build and install built-in furniture in many parts.

○ 3rd installment payment: 20 %
After all of the furniture has been assembled and installed,

○ 4th installment payment: 5 %
After the completion of all details and cleaning.

○ 5th installment payment: 5 %
Handover of the site, inspection and acceptance in writing.

Service Fees

In general, there is no standard price for interior design. There are numerous factors to consider, including the number of furniture items, the materials used, the design style, and the exquisite pattern of the design.

for example, Classic style décor is the most expensive style of decoration. The fee for the company ranges from 30,000 - 80,000 Baht. This is a design that combines exceedingly fine and delicate materials to symbolize a luxurious lifestyle. The inside will be mostly decorated with valuable materials, clear and delicate forms and borders. Using the highest quality materials, such as marble, flannel fabric, and gold decorating elements to make the decoration appears noble and elegant.

Production work requires the most meticulousness and is time-consuming. For example, a business type of services such as an aesthetic and beauty clinic, a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a hotel, will have different pricing than the regular housing. This type of service is more detailed and sophisticated than typical living-space management. The installation of a system is more complex than in regular housing. The circulation and function design method will be based on the type of business. Furthermore, we have a team engaged in user analysis and consumer behaviours related to the customer's industry. In order to evaluate the public perception of products and services. This process enables us in creating an impressive presentation for service users that meets their actual demands.

Price range for design — Residential category

Residentialwill be charged based on the design's actual area. The size of the area determines the pricing range of a design. Because some of the larger areas are frequently left as open space. When comparing prices, the price per square meter of the larger design area may be cheaper than the smaller ones.

1. preliminary pricing to consider. However, pricing is determined by the design difficulties and other relevant factors.
2. Free interior design is included in the turnkey contract.

Price range for design — Business or Retail Categories

This type of service requires more intricate details in terms of living space planning and system design. The circulation of the design process must be considered. Therefore, this type of design charges a higher price than general residential design.

Contractor's price range for interior construction.

As mentioned above, there are numerous factors that influence the pricing of the interior. In terms of design style, materials such as marble, skirting, wall cladding, ornamental mirrors, stainless steel trim, wooden cabinets, and glass cabinets are customized according to the design. As a result, calculating an accurate initial pricing is challenging until the final design and BOQ are complete. However, we may provide an initial price estimate to customers based on measurements of the actual site space, as well as the schematic plan and customers' preference style. The following are some examples of price ranges based on design styles:

Modern Luxury Design


Estimated cost of Interior Construction

15,000-55,000 Baht / Sq.m.

Modern Classic Design


Estimated cost of Interior Construction

15,000-55,000 Baht / Sq.m.

Modern Contemporary


Estimated cost of Interior Construction

10,000-30,000 Baht / Sq.m.

Modern Design


Estimated cost of Interior Construction

8,000-30,000 Baht / Sq.m.

Classic Design


Estimated cost of Interior Construction

20,000-60,000 Baht / Sq.m.

We will provide a free design service when the customer agrees to hire a contractor for 2.5 million baht or more.

Noted: The prices listed above are estimations based on previous performance and experience.
Initially, the actual price may be altered in accordance with the progress of the tasks.

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